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Septic Service

Since pumping services make up the majority of our business, we're pleased to offer you affordable pricing for any and all septic systems, including commercial and residential units.

24/7 Emergency Septic Pumping Repairs

Even quality septic systems can suffer from leaks, cracks, over-flowing, leach field failures, or pipe failures. From thorough diagnoses to efficient excavation services and repairs on any septic component, Burney's Septic Tank Service provides quality repairs and fast, 24 hour emergency services.


Recurring pumping services can also be scheduled automatically for your convenience. Trust a family-owned and operated company with your septic system today!

Drain field, also known as leach field, maintenance is used for older septic systems or systems that have suffered from chemical imbalances.


When your septic system fails, your leach field (the area where waste water ends up) will also fail, which will create a horrible smell and cause damage to the environment.


Luckily, Burney's can provide quality leach filed services to restore the area to operating conditions, protecting your family, children and pets from harmful waste in the process.

Pumping service = 80% of our business

Quality drain field services

If your septic system fails and a replacement is required, our percolation test will use a soil sample to determine how well your water percolates. With that information, you'll soon find out whether your drain field needs to be raised or stay at your ground's level.


If it does need to be raised, then the pump system is required and must be located where the water level is. So what causes your pump system to fail? The most common reasons are listed below.

Thorough percolation tests

You'll receive a FREE estimate for your septic plumbing repairs and services.

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"They were at my house in under 2 hours from the time I called and this was not an emergency call. They looked at the system and fixed it in 30 minutes."

Yellow Pages review

  • Extensive water usage

  • Flushing non-biodegradable items down the toilet

  • Improper installations

  • Methane gas damage

Additional septic pump repair services include grinder pump services, pipe repairs, sump pump services, and tank replacements. Contact us for more information about our services!

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