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If you're purchasing a home with a septic system, an inspection is absolutely necessary. From drain field functionality tests to tank inspections for leaks or cracks, making sure your prospective home's septic system is up to scratch will save you money.


Protect yourself from devastating repair bills and ensure your tank is effectively breaking down waste with our comprehensive inspection today!

Professional Septic System Installations

A septic system installation is a large investment, and thus it needs to be properly maintained and installed correctly the first time around.


Ensure you're getting a quality tank that's built to withstand the elements and prevent cracks and leaks by choosing Burney's Septic Tank Service. With decades of experience and knowledge, you can rely on our technicians to provide a fast, professional installation.

Did you know that steel and metal septic systems will eventually fail from corrosion and rusting? That's why the professionals at Burney's only installs concrete or polymer systems, which are more durable.


However, our technicians are also happy to replace your old steel or metal tanks with one of our concrete or polymer systems - contact us  today for the details.

Official septic system inspections

Durable septic system replacements

The U.S Census Bureau estimates that 10 to 20% of all septic systems fail every year. The biggest offender? Poor initial tank installations. That's why Burney's ensures your tank is always operating effectively, from the initial installation to your yearly maintenance needs.


You can expect our technicians to conduct percolation tests to ensure your drain field is properly managing waste water. Problems with your drain field are another leading cause of septic tank failure.


Burney's will determine the exact installation needs for your tank and drain field, and will install any septic pumps needed for the system to operate reliably without failure. Even better, our installations are backed by a 1 year warranty for your system's protection!

Learn how you can prevent septic tank failure

Get a one-year workmanship warranty on your new septic installation!

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1 Year Warranty

"I was on a business trip on the West Coast at this time and they couldn't reach me to discuss a change order as they needed to add a lift pump that was not in the initial bid.


They eventually added the pump at no charge to me. This is an honest and attentive business attitude I wish I would find with more contractors here in St Augustine."

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