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If your grease trap is emitting powerful odors, it's time for immediate service. This is a symptom that the trap is becoming overwhelmed, and could fail. The longer it sits, the harder and more costly it is to clean, so contact Burney's for convenient, recurring trap pumping.

Grease Trap Services

Grease traps are almost always required by local law to ensure waste water is manageable. If your grease trap fails an inspection, it could shut down your kitchen and your restaurant, costing you thousands of dollars in damages.


Take preventative measures today with Burney's Septic Tank Service. Our experienced technicians will provide you with quick, simple, and affordable grease trap pumping services to keep your business in operation.

An overwhelmed grease trap can cause more harm than you think - not only can it damage its own tank from build-up, but it can also cause your pipes and sewage systems to clog.


If that happens, you'll require costly excavation and interior renovation repairs to fix the damages. Even worse, your poorly maintained grease trap can incur penalties for your restaurant by the health department.


Stop these problems from occurring today by contacting Burney's for responsive, 24/7 service.

Convenient grease trap pumping

24/7 grease trap maintenance

Grease traps are, unfortunately, an "out of sight, out of mind" feature in many restaurants. Because of this, they tend to be neglected for long periods of time. Without routine maintenance, your grease trap will eventually lose its ability to separate fats, oils, and grease from waste water - which stops your trap from effectively managing kitchen waste.


Thankfully, the seasoned professionals at Burney's can help with your grease trap and lift station problems. What are lift stations, you may ask?  Lift stations are, essentially, a type of tank that lies at the edge of a property and feeds waste into county or city sewer lines.


When a lift station fails, it can cause expensive backup and pipe damage. That's why we offer maintenance and installation services for your new commercial lift stations - we want to prevent you from having to pay for costly, extensive repairs in the future. Residential lift station services and grease trap installations are also available!

Dependable grease trap and lift station service

Save money by being proactive with your grease trap services.

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